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Advertising Plates

Production of advertising plates that will satisfy the widest range of needs, using various printing, engraving, punching and laser cutting technologies.

We can also combine different materials  to give added value to trade marks and logos: classic aluminium and steel can, with the recommendations of our technicians, be used alongside many other materials, for example wood and Plexiglas, to create delicate combinations that enhance the finished product.

The plates we manufacture that have enamelled logos or with logos in relief are designed to fully satisfy the customer’s needs. Furthermore, when so requested it is possible to assist the customer to create display units or totems for advertising posters.


Other types of Plates

Automotive plates with satin, chrome plated or painted finishes, also decorated with screen printing both on flat and curved surfaces.

Rating plates made in satin finished or anodized pre-painted aluminium, neutral or with variable data compliant with CE regulations.