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Tibertarghe Products

Production of industrial plates, panels, templates and labels. Creation of the various levels of man-machine interface with the greatest care for quality and compliance with specific requests.

Rating, automotive and advertising plates made using cutting edge technology that also allows for multiple surface finishes.

Metric rules, dials, indicators, goniometers and sector wheels in millimetres and inches, made both from plastic and metal.

Industrial panels, screen printed or assembled with graphics. Anti-vandal panels with anti-touch treatment. Designed to be assembled with circuit boards.

Polycarbonate or polyester keyboards suitable for any electronic or mechanical appliance that requires a man-machine interface.

Control keyboard graphics for many industrial sectors, with screen printing and products with a wide range of materials to suit varied needs.

Labels made in the widest possible range of shapes and colours, from normal labels to the most complex ultra-destructible and anti-forgery versions.

Metal containers for the electronic industry made using the most modern machining techniques using a variety of materials.

Accessories made from a variety of materials, using traditional and laser technology for maximum freedom of form and manufacturing flexibility.