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Creation of plates in a wide range of materials:

  • Aluminium plates
  • Brass plates
  • Steel plates
  • Copper plates
  • Plexiglas and plastic plates in general.

The plates can be given multiple finishes:

  • Anodized plates
  • Satin-finish plates
  • Painted plates

The plates can be printed or engraved using various techniques:

  • Milled plates
  • Chemically engraved plates
  • Laser engraved plates

We also provide a service to customise plates with variable data and bar codes.

For fixing purposes, the plates can be supplied with holes or high-performance double-sided adhesive specifically certified for the automotive sector.

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Advertising plates created on Plexiglas or other materials, printed or formed using laser micro-engraving, guaranteeing bright, shining colours.

Automotive plates with satin, chrome plated or painted finishes, also decorated with screen printing both on flat and curved surfaces.

Rating plates made in satin finished or anodized pre-painted aluminium, neutral or with variable data compliant with CE regulations.